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Where do I send my check and to whom do I make it payable to?

Always send deposits to the custodian of your account. Always make checks payable to the custodian and reference your account number.

Who do I call to transfer funds?

Your custodian. As a Registered Investment Adviser we do not maintain custody of your assets. Fund transfers must be requested to your custodian.

How do you justify your fee?

  • Our clients have access to 28 years of investment research experience
  • Your account is reviewed on a regular basis with performance in mind
  • We tailor the account to your objectives as they change
  • Pressure to meet performance goals
  • Our client service is customized to fit your needs
  • Our goal is to get you to the finish line

Why is low turnover advantageous to my portfolio?

  • We believe that actively trading your account leads to more commissions, and often, greater tax bills
  • We believe there are not enough great companies out there to be buying and selling on a regular basis
  • We believe that when you buy a stock you should become an owner of the company and not a trader

What are the advantages of a focus fund?

  • Your portfolio is concentrated in the sectors that, in our opinion, offer the best risk/reward ratio
  • The manager has 30-40 stocks to monitor closely in lieu of 500
  • Your portfolio does not look like the market

What is the difference between a Broker-Dealer and a Registered Investment Adviser?


  • May need your permission for each buy and sell
  • Commission paid for every transaction

Registered Investment Adviser:

  • Has discretion to buy and sell, so swift action may be taken whenever deemed appropriate
  • Fee is based on a percent of market value which is an incentive to grow the value of the account through increased performance
  • Benefit of constant monitoring to improve value of account
  • Personalized research for each account

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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