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CNBC Street Signs: Investing In Bonds

Dec 12, 2008

Trash, Cheese, and TV. Jeff Auxier talks with Melissa Lee about three areas he’s looking to invest in corporate bonds.

CNBC: Now Is The Time To Shop Fire Sales

Nov 11, 2008

By: Andrew Fisher

“Pessimists look at the market and see the glass more than half empty. Jeff Auxier of Auxier Asset Management sees quality stocks selling at fire-sale prices.”


Oct 21, 2008

By Enrique Cerna

A PBS “CEO Spotlight Interview” by award winning reporter/producer Enrique Cerna

“You don’t usually find a farmer wearing a financial consultant’s shoes, but Jeff Auxier does just that. He’s the CEO of Auxier Asset Management and the owner of Auxier Farms in Oregon. He joins us to give perspective as both fund manager and farmer to share how rising food prices will play out in our rocky economy.”

MarketWatch: Back to basics

Oct 16, 2008

By Andrea Coombes

“Back to Basics – In Recessionary Times, Manager Finds Value In What Consumers Won’t Give Up”

“The stock market’s wild waves are causing seasickness for many investors, but some see current conditions as an opportune time to dive in—as long as you’ve taken your Dramamine in the form of careful, daily research.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Financial experts offer advice to Seattle-area investors amid turmoil

Sep 16, 2008

By Dan Richman

“Too many people have too much money in too many places and don’t know who’s managing it, don’t kow how bonds are rated or whether those ratings are reliable.”

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