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The Wall Street Transcript: Long-Term Value Investing

Feb 9, 2009

“We strive to outperform the market by beating it handily in the down periods, and then matching in the up periods.” (There can be no guarantee of success with any technique, strategy, or investment.)

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Financial Planning: Eye On The Balance Sheet

Feb 2, 2009

By Ilana Polyak

“Buffett pooh-poohed Auxier’s plan to attend business school and emphasized the importance of accounting—the language of investing-which Auxier had studied in college. He recommended several books by noteworthy investors for Auxier to read. Among the tidbits he relayed: ‘never use borrowed money.’ Auxier followed that advice. He has made a point of steering clear of stocks of firms that get in over their heads with debt. He also stays away from businesses and industries that attract hot money.”

CNBC: Low Prices, High Quality — Buy Now!

Jan 7, 2009

By: Andrew Fisher

Auxier is convinced the time to move into stocks may have come. “We just don’t have these crisis situations every year.”

CNBC: Bull vs. Bear

Jan 7, 2009

“Weighing in on the moving markets, with Jeff Auxier, Auxier Asset Management.”

CNBC Street Signs: Investing In Bonds

Dec 12, 2008

Trash, Cheese, and TV. Jeff Auxier talks with Melissa Lee about three areas he’s looking to invest in corporate bonds.

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