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CNBC: Time to Be Shopping for Franchise Stocks

Sep 9, 2008

“When money’s tight, you want to be shopping for assets. When money’s easy, assets are inflated. We had a long time where easy money prevailed,” Jeff Auxier from Auxier Asset Management said. “Now’s the time to focus on enduring business franchises with strong balance sheets.”

CNBC: Sowing The Seeds of Success

Aug 22, 2008

“Sowing The Seeds of Success: The Story of A Successful Money Manager and Farmer”

Advisor Perspectives: Agriculture: Global Trends and Investment Implications

Jun 17, 2008

“Auxier sees agriculture from an operational and a capital markets perspective. For his fund, his biggest concern is inflation, with food and, of course, energy prices leading the way. ‘We want companies with enduring franchises that can price through an inflationary cycle.’”

CNBC: Sustainable Investments

May 16, 2008

Jeff Auxier is interviewed about “sustainable investments”.

CNBC: Food Plays: Supermarket Stocks

May 5, 2008

By: Andrew Fisher

Jeff Auxier reveals his grocery list for outstanding food stocks.

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