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Founder/manager Jeff Auxier invests his entire personal retirement into his own Fund, redefining “eating your own cooking.” How many fund managers can say that? Jeff has always believed managers should have a substantial stake in their own fund. In addition, Jeff is committed to remaining one of the larger shareholders, he initiated company policy he won’t sell a single share while still manager.  The Auxier family has assets in Auxier Asset Mgt. and every member of the Auxier team has significant percentages of their personal net worth invested in the Auxier Focus Fund.


For the 26,042 publicly traded mutual funds tracked by Morningstar.com, the average manager tenure is 6 years*.  Jeff Auxier has helmed Auxier Focus Fund (inception 7/9/1999) over 19 years and has more than 35 years of guiding investors through many market conditions. Prior to starting his own firm and fund, Jeff served as a member of the Chairman’s Council, Senior Vice President of Investments and Senior Portfolio Management Director for Smith Barney, where he helped formed policies aimed at greater transparency and better serving client interests.


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Investment Philosophy

Long-term, enduring, with focus on value investing and, performance while seeking to take on less risk. We believe the power of compounding is the most powerful tool for any investment plan.

Aggressive Research

The Auxier team is passionate about a highly disciplined approach to performance and is committed to the daily, grind-it-out research it takes to maintain that performance in all market climates.

Boutique Fund Size

Nimble, with freedom to navigate the investment universe. A super-sized fund is not our goal.


Jeff intentionally lives and works far from the greed and emotion of Wall Street. At his 108 acre farm, and his nearby office, Jeff and his team are able to conduct the kind of independent thinking that they feel keeps them ahead of the pack, not chasing it. Jeff sees similarities in his work on Wall Street and life on his Oregon farm and ranch. “All take extremely hard work and involve consideration of price, value, margin of safety and wise allocation of capital. This lifestyle keeps you humble and focused on the rewards of hard work. For me, this job is a steward of investors’ hard-earned money. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

*Average manager tenure was found utilizing Morningstar.com’s premium fund screener, we applied no filters and reviewed the “Nuts & Bolts” view, which provides an All Funds Average of Manager Tenure.

Intermediary Account Access

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